Life In Jesus More Abundantly: Bishop Eddie Long Guilty, God Know's?!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Guilty, God Know's?!

Bishop Eddie Long, you know the name, and you know the face.

Bishop Eddie Long is Senior Pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Now not unless you have been under a rock, you know the things that has surrounded Bishop Eddie Long's ministry as of late.

Now before I get started I want to first say I'm not against Bishop Eddie Long, and I want the best for him and for the truth to come out.

It should also be noted that I use to listen to Bishop Eddie Long quite often whenever I could catch him on t.v.

So now that you know that, I want to say also that I'm not someone to really judge because I know what the Word of God says about judging.

So this is not what this is about, nor is it about saying he is guilty because that hasn't been proved by the law of the land.

But when recent things came foward I was shocked and really couldn't believe it, and although I'm still not going to pass judegemnt.

You can best believe that I'm going to continue to keep the church as a body in prayer, him, his ministry and New Birth.

But when I saw and heard this, I was like wow!

You might asked, saw and heard what?

Well see for yourself here, this will make you say wow.

Now if that was not enough to make you think about Bishop Eddie Long I don't know what your going to say after you hear and see this!

Just click the above link, listen and tell me what you think then.

All I could say was have mercy on him Jesus and Lord please help us all to stand and not be decieved in these last and evil days!

This is why we must live in His pressence, and find our life in Him because our life is hid in Him!

We must grab a hold of the horns of the altar and not let go!

Remember we are fighting for our souls and we must not give up or give in to all these strange spirits in the world!

We must also pray for each other like we are praying for ourselves and especially for the leaders of the church!

In closing don't take something like this for granted and don't think something like this, or worse couldn't happen to you.

Because it can if we don't guard our hearts, and have His Word in us so that we might not sin against Him.

We must ask God to continue to purge us and to make us clean so that we can one day here Him say, Welcome!

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