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Monday, November 29, 2010

How To "Be Ye Holy" Like The Bible Says

What is holiness
Well im glad you asked because I'm going to explain to you what holiness is and what Jesus meant when He said be ye holy for I am holy.

I first want to say that holiness is NOT JUST about what you wear, (i.e) dress like, wearing no make up, and you can't do this or you can't go there, and etc!
That is NOT holiness, but then on the other hand.
As a believer in Christ we are to be Christ like, be presentable and not wear clothes so tight or short that everyone can see your goods.
That's not Christ like!
Some may say, well I can't be holy because its too hard . Not even really knowing what holiness is about because someone has told them the wrong thing about what it means to be holy.
Some fail to see that the Bible, your Bible never once told us to pray for holiness.
The Bible never once tells us to fast, and fast for holiness until we are so thin that the wind can blow us away.
The Bible never tells us how to be holy or how we can do something to attain holiness.
No! It simply tells us to just BE HOLY!
Whenever our saviour tells or commands us to "be" or "do" a thing, you can bet your bottom dollar and be confident that He has already built it into us.
God is not going to demand anything from us, or of us that He already has not equiped us with or equiped us to do.
Whatever our saviour demands, ask of; He supplies. Jesus commands us to "be holy because I am holy."
What does this mean? Well I'm glad you asked! This simply means that since Jesus is holy, and we came out from him, that we are to be holy as well.
God made us in His image and because He is holy, we His children who are made in His image are also holy.
Holiness simply means to be set apart, to be God's special possession, to be set apart for God's special and exclusive use.
Being holy means your are willingly placing yourself complety at His feet so He can use as He so pleases.
Holiness also means to be perfect (complete) and spiritually pure.
When we can come to understand or better yet have a proper understanding of what holiness is?!
It will affect both or attitude and our lifestyle because we cannot be holy and continue to think and live like the world does.
God has called us unto Himself, to live in the world but not be like the world. We are to live as citizens of Heaven because after all; Heaven is a place of holiness, and where our Holy God lives.
Besides our Bible tells us how to make it to Heaven because the Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!
So in order to change our thinking to not think like the world we must first read the Bible so that we can understand the God of the Bible.
This also calls for prayer, discipline, and careful attention on our part to ensure that everything we say and do will bring glory to our Holy God because He is Holy and we are to be holy and it also brings glory to His name.
You see sin may have impaired our ability to be holy, BUT it did not destroy it.
The Bible never says that man is non-holy, because that would be reflection on our nature.
Rather it says that we are unholy which speaks to our will, which is our soul and to the choices we make.
Let me explain; when Adam and eve chose to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, they did not become non-holy; they became unholy.
You see sin is a choice. Adam and Eve chose to disregard it and ever since they made that choice sin caused us to make unholy choices and live in an unholy manner.
But God! Thank God for Jesus because Jesus Christ came to remove sin's barriers to our being able to be holy.
He took our sins with Him to the cross removing them from us and fully restoring our ability to be holy as God is holy.
The Holy Spirit who indwells in us as believers helps us and build in us, as we willingly yield to His control a Holy life.
If you are in Christ it doesn't matter where you are in your walk with Christ or even what you may have done lastnight.
But as long as you are NOT living in sin. God can take you from where you are to where He wants you to be.
All it depend on is your attitude, the condition of your heart and the choices you make.
So don't be like Adam and Eve or for that matter like you! But be like Jesus and be ye holy for He is holy!
Make up in your mind that I'm going to yield my body as a living sacrifice to Jesus so that I can be pleasing to Him so that He can use me as He see fit!
? When God said be ye holy for I am holy. What did He mean?

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