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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why NOT To Give Up When Things SEEMS Lost As A Christian

Have you ever felt like giving up, throwing in the towel, and just saying I give up Jesus because all seems lost?

But what seems even worse is that it seems Jesus is no where to be found.

You can't feel his pressence, and it seem like your praying to a brick wall because your prayers are not being answered, and the more you try to fight and do warfare. The more it seems like the more hell you go through.

Well dearly beloved, don't give up because all is not lost!

In fact, it is in times like these when you need to hold on even more because your just going through a test.

Also dearly beloved, Jesus is usually closer to you when you can't feel him than you think.

Not to mention, faith is not about what you can see, or feel but its about what you know, hope for and believe.

Salvation is not a feeling! If you have been born again its a fact!

Just like salvation is not a feeling but a fact. Jesus never leaving you is a fact too. Because my Bible says He would never leave you nor forsake you.

So when you go through times of feeling like all is lost.

Hold tight and don't give up because Jesus is on the boat and He won't let you sink.

The things we go through are only to make you stronger.

The more you pray, and pray, the more strength your getting, and the more rain is coming your way.

So get ready because I hear the sound of abundance because God is a God of abundance and more than enough!

So don't give up, don't throw in the towel, don't quitt, all is not lost because Jesus is on the case!

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