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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Learning How To Find Our Purpose And Satisfaction In Life

Have you ever felt as if you knew life is supposed to be about more than this? Go to work, go to church, watch football, eat, and sleep?! No real meaning or feeling of satisfaction, even if you are making 6 figures or more.

What kind of life is that, if that's all there is?

Or maybe that's fine for you.

But I remember when I wasn't saved and I got tired of the drugs, the women, the late nights out at the club, and drinking till everything tasted like water.

I use to say to myself that there has to be something better than this! I'm tired of the same stuff, doing the same thing. Feeling as if I'm not getting anywhere and I'm just running in place.

Until late one night I cried unto Jesus and He heard my cry and saved me and put me on that path to finding out who I really am, and what I can do, and who I can become, and how to live a life that's meaningful!

Yet there are still Christians and for sure non-Christians who feel lost and dissatisfied.

You see God created each of us to find satisfaction in life, and our work.

But all within the framework of a personal love relationship with Him through Christ.

When we learn how to see ourselves through God's eyes and not others like so many of us to. We probably will NEVER know the person we really are.

I also believe that finding purposeful, meaningful work is essential for understanding and becoming that person.

Its when we come to know who we are from God's perspective, we are better able to recognize the work for which He has prepared us and to which He has called us.

This is why our world is so full of dissatisfied people. Many people, including many Christians live unfulfilled lives because they are stuck in jobs they have or in careers they are unsuited for, even if the job has been trained for to get.

They are frustrated and discouraged because the work they do each and every day seems to prevent them from realizing their dreams.

These people are not becoming who they were born to be because they are not doing what they were born to do.

Do you go to work every day wishing you were somewhere else and able to do something else. Does your current job hinder you from becoming what you believe God wants you to be.

If so, it could be very possible that you are not where you are supposed to be and it might be that you have not found your calling.

But WAIT, If these things ring true to you, just don't up and quitt your job. Seek God's direction first. He might be building character in your life in preparation for greater things.

So the questions then becomes how do you know when its time to move on? Well that comes whith a personal love relationship with God. The closer we walk with Jesus and in His presence, the easier it will be to hear God's voice.

This is why we must learn how to live our Life In Jesus.

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